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Recognize the Human Race as One

UNITED SIKHS offers humanitarian aid, education and advocacy while empowering and uplifting communities with service in support of civil and human rights

UNITED SIKHS is a United Nations-affiliated international non-profit and non-governmental organization devoted to humanitarian relief, human development, and advocacy. Their goal is to empower those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world.

In 1999, a group of Sikhs from the New York metropolitan area banded together to assist in the socio-economic development of immigrant communities in Queens, NY. Today, UNITED SIKHS is a grassroots organization with chapters in America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. The group pursues projects that support the spiritual, social, and economic empowerment of underprivileged and minority communities.

Disaster Relief and Beyond

UNITED SIKHS works to transform lives, alleviate suffering, and protect the underprivileged and underserved. They engage directly with those in the wake of disaster — whether natural or man-made — to ease suffering from strife such as hunger, illiteracy, disease, or violation of civil or human rights. Through their efforts, they help people in need carve a path to becoming informed, vibrant members of society. Their programs are available to anyone, regardless of color, race, religion, or creed.

“We believe that the development of enlightened and progressive societies can be made possible by socially conscious groups of people who make a commitment to develop and direct human potential,” says UNITED SIKHS International Humanitarian Aid Director, Gurvinder Singh. “Our work, efforts, and achievements stand as a testament to our faith in this vision.”

Accordingly, UNITED SIKHS has sought to fulfil its mission not only by informing, educating, and uplifting fellow beings, but also by advocating and participating in cross-cultural and social dialogue to ensure that the promises and benefits of democracy are realized by all.

“There is no greater endeavor than to serve, empower, and uplift fellow beings,” says Gurvinder. “The core of our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to civic service and social progress on behalf of the common good.”

Emergency Relief Missions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UNITED SIKHS stepped up with emergency response teams to feed families in need from all corners of the globe: India, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, United States, Canada, and more. So far, they have provided close to 3 million meals to those in need.

“As soon as COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic,” says International Humanitarian Aid Director Gurvinder Singh, “UNITED SIKHS immediately began working with authorities to provide as much support as possible. We put the principle of selfless service into action and launched a global response to help tackle this unprecedented international crisis.”

At the same time as the world was going into lockdown from this new coronavirus, terrorist group ISIS perpetrated an attack on a Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) in Kabul, Afghanistan. At least 25 peaceful worshippers there to offer morning prayers for the world to be free from Covid-19 were killed. UNITED SIKHS was the first organization on the ground to help as ISIS issued a 10-day ultimatum for all Afghan Sikhs to leave the country.

“Our first priority was to get the Afghan Sikh families out of immediate and imminent danger,” says Gurvinder. “We released emergency funds to tend to their emergency humanitarian and immigration needs. This will be continued as we move towards their international advocacy and humanitarian needs during their arduous and long journey leading to their resettlement, and the preservation of Sikh historical shrines that they leave behind in Afghanistan. We realize it’s not an easy task, but it is doable with help from our supporters.”

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